Engels branch of State archive of Saratovskaya oblast
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In the funds of Engel's branch of State Archive of Saratov region is stored the rich collection of records and rare documents on history and culture of the Volga Germans from the epoch of Ekaterina II to 1941. Engel's archive, as the lawful successor of the archive of former republic of the Germans of Volga Region, and at present continues to be completed different kind of documents. For instance, about the writers of German republic are obtained materials from Siberia and Kazakhstan. Since the research work in the archive does not stand on the spot, it gives further pulse for the participation of archivists in tourist scheme of region. 

The repeated receptions of honorable guests, and also delegations of tourists from Germany, America, whose ancestors were descendants from Volga Region, researchers, who record in the German language, students led the workers of the archive to the need for the preparation of documentary exhibitions taking into account the interests of each separate audience. Concerning questions of culture, the preparation of exhibitions does not know the fantasy of executors. For the audience, which is carried along by music are proposed people German songs with the notes and without them. Exhibitions with the use of the matters and various documents from the personal fund of G. Dinges and A. Dul'zon, archive fund "collection of documents on history and culture of Volga Germans" will help to present in entire variety rites and customs of the Volga Germans.

To the basic exhibition the annotations will be prepared in two languages - Russian /German, and if necessary in English. Obviously, useful for the tourists will be preparation of copies of the documents (information about the colonies, about the separate surnames and the families for the preserved population censuses and so forth.) if the archive previously obtains the demand about this. It seems that the archive documents will seem interesting both tourists from Germany, USA, other countries as well as to Russian citizens.

Conditions of the work of the researchers:

There is a reading hall for 2 places; simultaneously it reveals to 10 records, order is carried out during 1-2 days. Researchers have the capability to order on the paid basis of copies of documents. Catalogs, subject-thematic card indexes, BD in connection with the limited possibilities of reading hall for the researchers are inaccessible.

Reference apparatus, existing in the reading hall: the card index of the funds; inventories and indicators to them;

The performance of the social- lawful demands: On the basis of the documents existing in the archive it fulfills the demands of citizens about the confirmation of working period and the amounts of wages, the rewarding, the promotion, obtaining of formation, applying the political repressions, about the certificates of registration, about the confirmation of the property rights of citizens.

The reception of citizens is achieved:

Monday till Friday (Thursday – closed (not reception day) from 8.30 to 16.30

Fulfillment of the subject demands: The archive fulfills subject, historical-biographical and other demands of legal and physical persons. The cost of the performance of order is set in the dependence on the volume of works; the documents can be copied if necessary.

Tel./fax: +7 (8 453) 56-89-24 or via e-mail: archive@engels.san.ru