Engels branch of State archive of Saratovskaya oblast
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Today, because of the unrelenting concern about the association and the work of the archive and the great authority of Elizaveta Erina as professional archivist among the Russian associates, the Consulate general of Germany in Saratov and the German community in many countries, the society of "friends of Engel’s archive" (in the Internet): Vera Belyakova - Miller (Johannesburg); Gerhard Lang (Magdeburg); Johanna Roggats (Berlin); Ken Shtugart (U.S.A.); Patrice Miller (U.S.A.) the archive has the contemporary equipment, which are acquired to sponsor aid. Special appreciation to the taxpayers of Germany for the participation in the fate of the archive.

Consulate of Germany financed the repair of archive’s roof. Saratov construction firm under the control of company "Volga- development"(Saratov) completely overlapped the roofing of the building, where on the garret for several years deteriorated unique documents of the end of 18-beginning of the 20th centuries. Deep gratitude to sponsors from Germany, America, Republic of South Africa. Computer equipment was acquired to the sponsor means, work on the restoration of records is conducted. In the stage of development there is a question about the building of the new building of the archive or reconstruction of old one. Germany appears as the basic financing side. 

Thanks to financial aid of Kathryn Engelhardt from the US (New York) was created the web-page of Engels archive. Information filling and editing of the archive’s web site handled by Ilmira Khansvyarova on the basis of materials, kindly provided by the director of the archive.